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I don't know if you know this about me, but I have Olympic fever. I like contests of human performance! Like-- they may not literally be the very pinnacle of human achievement, but they are super close? Usually I'm the only guy around with 18s in all my stats. I don't care about the big show, I don't care about the popular sports, but I sure do care about the weird like sasquatch mascot & the biathlon! You know there was going to be a biathlon mixed relay! But they canceled it. I am sad about this. Also there has been all this Canadian crackdown surrounding it-- like, copyrighting "O Canada"!? Hilarious. Anyhow, I only think Stephen Colbert is so-so, but I do have to say this: I think he is an actual, real patriot? In the best way? Because caring about NASA & sponsoring the US Olympic speed skating team...are like, the best things? Like, political satire is great, but outer space is important. So yeah, in conclusion, I like utopian nationalism. I also sure hope Tonga gets in on the Games.
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