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Now I am sleepy.

Lots of drinking with co-workers; out with Matt & Kat & Jon the other night at The Scratcher. Then last night-- ai. Ai, a balrog! Is what Legolas would shout. There was a work party; one of the more academic publishers under our umbrella threw a shindig & even though I only stayed for an hour & a half, I was pretty lit. It turns out their idea of "punch" is just vodka mixed with champagne. So...there went my plans to go to the gym. It was going to be a tight squeeze anyhow, since Carla was demanding drinks for the drink god! Her birthday party is Sunday (for which, before drinks on Tyr's day, I bought five bottles of champagne, a big bottle of vodka, & Jenny bought a magnum of the Anchor Steam Christmas Ale she likes so much-- though we did drink a bottle of the champagne while we watched Elf) but we were on the hook for drinks tonight, since it is the day proper.

I got out of the train & called Jenny-- they were hunkered down at Commonwealth, which we've been haunting more & more. Here is where I made a mistake: I should have gotten food. Instead I showed up & bought a round of drinks. The crew was Jenny, Carla, Kenneth-- & eventually we talked fordmadoxfraud into showing up. Kenneth snuck shots, I drank more Liquid Gold than you can shake a stick at, there were cupcakes-- then more drinking. We left & went to go home, but then-- Jenny decided she would go with David to see elladorian & Erica at Ginger's, the lesbian bar. I thought she was joking at first! But got home alone. I realized I hated that, so I put my clothes back on & went out to find her! Uh, I intended to be in a good mood? That was my intention! But I failed. I was cranky! Grouchy! But Jenny wasn't buying it. I came into the bar & grouched all over, but she was like "what the eff? What is really going on here?" & I guess I was just tired & drunk & lonely & wanted her to pick me! So instead of getting into a fight, I was just a jerk, which is a lot better. I declare that my being extra nice to her despite her funk on Sun's day is officially EVEN STEVEN.

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