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I really like the neologism "Mother Brain."

Metroid Prime by Retro Studios.

I really like Samus Aran; she's my homegirl. This game was fun; like many, when I first tried it out (as one of those consoles built into video game stores) I was a little thrown by the fact that it was a first person shooter, but it didn't really bother me. This game is fun! But also very frustrating. There are some fun maps-- but you have to trek all the way across the maps over & over gets to be a bit of a chore. I have a few other minor complaints-- the palate swap of the thermal & x-ray visors was...well they both basically work the same? Frustrating-- the functionality was just identical? I only finished with 70%; I would have liked maybe a power up that helped locate missing items, like a map upload? Something like that. Still, I'm just complaining. I had fun. Some of the bosses are too hard to kill when drunk, something to keep in mind. Woo hoo!
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