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Function with relative ease.

When I was younger, I always figured I'd never talk about whatever work I had to do. Heck, occupation doesn't define me! Then I sort of parlayed talking about books into a bookish career, & so now I tell my younger self to shove it. Not that I don't have a fair amount of drudgery-- but at least my spreadsheets are about something I like, you know? I have taken Frejya's day off for the rest of the year, which makes me have to cram five days of work into four days-- not my favorite. That, coupled with the teleconferences I've been doing the past few weeks, has left me drowning in piles of paper. I knocked through it pretty hard this week, though-- put together the hi-lo estimates, slammed the publicity into a memo, dug through all the special catalogue & mailing requests, so on & so forth. I am dreading dealing with galleys, though. They are majorly built up. A dark mass, creeping ever forward. Once I get the go ahead from Matt & get the requests for the spring season, it is on. Oh, it is on. Hey! I've been looking at the Mouse Guard roleplaying game, at toughlad's request, & it is pretty cute, but! They really stress the "seasonal" element that the comics use, which-- I just realized that our seasonal book schedule follows that path as well. Hooray for the Guard!

Anyhow, my point, I guess, is that I don't mind being a fuddy duddy. I don't mind that Kirkus closing is a big deal to me. Whatever! I'll talk about whatever I want. Lets see, what else. So far today I have done zip besides play Metroid, & I'm going to play it again before I go to the gym! My goal is to get all the Chozo Artifacts today-- two left. Back to the Phazon Mines! Yesterday we watched Glee-- which, you know, is still not the perfect show, but still is a fun show. We also watched Community & had James & skycornerless watch it with us, since elladorian, fordmadoxfraud, kromelizard, & wolvus don't think it is funny. WELL IT IS. It is kind of brilliant, actually. You know, we had a few beers in us, too. I drank...all week. That is just the way it is. I'm not shy about it! Phew. Okay. I don't know, maybe I'm done trying to remember if I have done anything. The moral is-- not really. Maybe I should make a post about Oubliette 3.0?
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