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My first dream started off like an old school ghost story, a yarn like the Bermuda Triangle, or the story of the Mary Celeste. There was a school or hospital for children, in the late 18oos, early 19oos. Odd events had started happening-- notes written in blood on the side of walls, tens of meters up. "I am ALICIA & I am GOD & YOU will all suffer!" or whatever-- sort of cryptic Jack the Ripper- or Zodiac-like letters. Then some Shining or Exorcist style turns-- rain of frogs, walls bleeding, whatever. The dream ended with a cute little girl-- who'd been part of the narrative, getting in trouble for something minor-- then screaming "I am Alicia!" really creepily, over & over, while the nurses or teachers chased her around the yard. She ran out into the street! A car came! Was going to hit her...& then she disappeared. Thinking about it later, I thought about vampires of the air, & I flew, too, baring my fangs. Mystery solved! Except then coming home I crashed into some trees, cracked my head, & slunk into the apartment trying to make sure I didn't wake up Jenny & make her worry that I'd gotten a concussion from fooling around with my undead abilities.

The next dream I've all but forgotten-- I was maybe a cardshark? Or assassin? Not in like a "slick" modern film way, but in a more film noir fashion. There was a hotel! Or one of those hotels in Vegas that are half theme park, half mall. Dennis Quaid was there-- he a notorious foul mouth curmudgeon? Like a Glenn Beck, but I don't think he was political? Ah, it is fading. The "job" I was supposed to pull, the heist, kept being interrupted, because Jenny was on different floors of the hotel throwing up, & I'd have to go to her & see if she was okay.

The third dream was like, a weird vignette-- about...the Holocaust? I guess the meeting about the illustrated Diary of Anne Frank yesterday really stuck with me, huh? I was caught up in the ghetto; not a Jew, & I had a French passport-- which was alternatingly real & a great forgery. Depending on which part of the dream I was in. The whole theme of the dream was like, social protest, social uprising, & being torn in weird triangles? Like I was staying with a Jewish girl, & she switched between being in love with me & being angry at me. & we were being hidden by a Nazi girl, I think played by Lady Gaga? Who was in love with me but thought I was a Jew with a fake passport, so was conflicted. Meanwhile, the political groups-- one were the protesters, the other were the insurgents-- both trying to recruit me for their purposes. There were lots of figurines of angels in the dream, too.
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