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Today the plan turned out to be: ignore the gym! Drink beer! Jenny came to me with the plan. "What do you think about this-- we go get drinks & read at a bar?" Which was a fine plan...once I ate. I was really hungry! So I had a hamburger from Rachel's-- they upsold me to getting it with avocado & oaxacan cheese. Once my starvation was assuaged, we went! Bar Reis, where we'd normally go, is a bit dark, so we wandered around. Lucky 13? Nope, too East Side. Black House? Nope, too dark. So then-- Commonwealth. We had Six Point's IPA & a...St...somebody? Golden Dream? (edit: Captain Lawrence's Liquid Gold!) Which I liked! & Anchor Xmas Ale, which smelled great. & uh...somebody's (edit: Kelso's!) nut brown? Then we drank! It was cozy. Also I took some notes about my next Oubliette campaign; panhumanity & goblinoids. Then we picked up some beer, & made some pizza at home. Now we are watching Up. So there we go. This brings us up!

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