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Making cookies, making cookies.

(Making cookies with Jenny; making cookies with Robert: photos by Kira.)

Yesterday I woke up early, & tried desperately not to climb back into bed & bug Jenny with cuddling her. She ended up sleeping till about 9:30, by which I mean, I didn't attack her under the covers until then. We had ourselves a chuckle-time, until she decided it was game over! Sugar crash! I went to the grocery store & we had a frittata for breakfast, & then I made her a salad for lunch; also, she got a haircut. Mostly I lazed away in a haze, playing some Metroid. Then, finally, we got our clothes on & blundered out in the...snow! It was snowing & raining at the same time, ugly blots of wet flakes. I'd scoffed earlier at the idea it might snow, but darn it if the weather was not awful. We got a bottle of wine & rushed to the train-- to go make cookies!

S'right, we had big plans-- a cooking class at the Oakridge Kitchen. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, this is Kira & Robert & Judy's business-- & they are my tribe. That doesn't diminish from how professional they are! All with their culinary institution time under their belt & such. They had fancy chef coats with their names on them! Judy was the boss-- she's the pastry chef. The other people in the class were Donna & Jessica, who are also our pals-- it was a more informal setting than their usual. We made the heck out of some cookies. We made green tea meringues, which I think are my favorite; meringues are mostly only one step to make, fun, awesome looking, & you can add a ton of flavors. We made Robert's Biscotti with lemon & orange zest, anise, almonds, coffee beans, & chocolate. We made fudgeroons with coconut topping which are basically huge brownies that taste like Mounds bars. We made bundernuss, caramel nut tarts, which were first invented by Judy & Kira for my wedding! They had hazel nuts, almonds, & pecans, & frangipane, all in a little pastry shell, & were drizzled in homemade caramel. We also made gingerspice linzer cookies with raspberry jam. It was pretty awesome-- & super grueling! The lesson ended up going over, & we spent like, four hours in constant hardcore lessons. Then, whew! They were done, & we made fancy boxes to take them away in, & drank a bunch of wine. There was talk-- the experimental lesson ran over, so what cookie should be removed to save time? I had to say the linzer-- we learned dough rolling with the bundernuss, & the linzer was pretty touchy-- you have to line it up & everything, so it took a lot of time. Then Kira drove us home. I had been considering going to Rachel's party, which I was bummed that I was missing (totally worth it though) but I walked in the door at 11:30 & promptly collapsed into bed.

(Making cookies with Judy: photo by Kira.)
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