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Can't sleep, clowns, etc.

(Mask by Bob Basset, Wand by an old school DnD artist that I don't know.)

Yesterday was fordmadoxfraud's DnD game, & it was a lot of fun. During the day I got my act together, went to the gym (the only thing to watch while I was doing cardio was Dragonheart, which just in case you were curious, is terrible), did the dishes, took out the recycling, made the bed, straightened up. That sort of stuff. Met up with David on the street & then back to his place, early, to take a tour of the character builder. Here is what I have to say about the character builder: it is probably a great resource for RPGA players or for people who only are interested in making strictly legal characters. It lets you "house rule" some things-- like extra feats or extra attribute points, sure! It doesn't let you make up feats, though-- so lets say I want a feat that uses my Intelligence instead of my Wisdom for my Paladin secondary effect ("Jesuit" or "Soldier of Ioun" or "Apostate" or whatever). Nope, too bad! Or if I wanted to put the Pact Blade powers on a bastard sword-- it can't do that either. Still-- it does do all the math for you, & give you neat little cards.

Since the last time I'd played, I retrained my character OPERA from Star Pact Warlock/Warlord into a Fey Pact Warlock/Paladin. There aren't a lot of places you can do with Warlock/Warlord, but since Warlock/Paladin has an overlapping attribute (Charisma) & it was what I wanted to play anyhow, I was into it. I'm still not very Paladin-y, but I did get to issue a Paladin's Challenge! I'm happier with the build, for sure, & now I fight with my Lesser Wand of Orcus (a Rod of Corruption) in one hand & my Pact Blade in the other. OPERA has missed the last few game sessions, & we wrapped that up with the retraining-- he & Kall Tarmin had gotten the Princesses to the Feywild! Safe & sound. Meanwhile, the rest of the party-- consisting of elladorian's character Trima the Eladrin Wizard, skycornerless's character Gavarelle the Changeling Ranger & Erica's character Nejzh the Shifter Druid-- had gone underground to a Neardark bazaar. & along the way, they'd found a talking head-- played by Edbury. I teleported in with some fanfare, & we tried to suss out what was going on with this head. Which involved us making a few failed Bluff ventures with a mining consortium. "Hey let us in, duergar, we want to see if you have any robot bodies in there!" An aside-- I like the new duergar. The "punk dwarves" art could be better, but making them punk dwarves with porcupine quill beards or hair is okay with me. Maggie really liked the idea, too; we'd just been looking at them pre-game! Well, eventually we had a skill challenge & between fast talking & blustering, we got Edbury's character in our party-- we unlocked him! Mister Buckler the Warforged Fighter. From there it was a matter of discussing our options with the sleazy fat drow, & going to...a dungeon! Excellent. The fight of the evening (we really can only handle one!) was against a blob of elemental evil, some skellingtons who blew up when you killed them, & a poison gas terrain/trap. It was fun, & once again, I'm really well suited to being a striker. This is something I've learned about myself, that really came up with Endicott Clay, my 3e Gnome Scout. I am good at getting out of the way, taking cover, but still laying on the hurt. I skirmish! Then Emily & I came home.
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