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Someone made this Flatiron Building mask for the work Halloween bash, but then abandoned it in the Sales Department somewhere along the line-- It has been sitting in between my desk & Kelly's desk since then, & the other day Kelly took some pictures of me wearing it. Of which this is the best. So that is where this picture came from! I'm terrible about taking pictures, I know-- no matter how often I resolve to be better about it, I never actually am. Oh well! So-- currently hanging out in my pajamas, just finished my coffee & a videogame blitz-- I was stuck in Metroid Prime trying to get the Power Bombs. I kept dying! So I had to sit down & stop half-assing it, the momentum of which carried me the heck all over, & netted me the Grapple Hook in the mix, & an Energy Tank, & some more Missile Capacity. Have I mentioned that I really like Samus Aran? Anyhow, now I need to take a shower, hit the gym, shower again, & then hang out with fordmadoxfraud. Then tonight I have DnD-- I haven't gamed in forever & a month of Sun's days!

Since I had drinks with Pierce on Odin's day & have dungeoncrawling tonight, I decided to just hang out at home yesterday-- spend some time with my wife. Except! She never came home! I called her & she was like "uh, duh 2000, I am having dinner with Kira tonight?" & I didn't remember that! She claims I was sober when she told me, but I feel like I must have been drunk. So instead I hung out with Emily, & we played some video games. Jenny eventually did come home, & fell asleep on my lap while watching Glee. That is a funny show-- I am a sucker for song & dance, & I quite like Kurt & Rachel isn't all bad, but the rest of the character's are just so loathsome-- okay, Sue gets a pass for being that way on purpose. I like the show, but the plot is hinged so much on failures of communication, which is normally such a pet peeve of mine? I think Glee isn't the worst offender, though, because they actually have some kind of plot. Things eventually do get addressed. Still-- it isn't a perfect show, but I do like it, despite those misgivings. Anyhow-- I read for a while, finished up my vampire book, & then hit the hay.

In other words, nothing much to report. We have lived with James & Emily for about half a month now? They are churchmice, which is working out. No complaints on that field, & if things continue like this, I think it will be acceptable for the duration. Hooray for non-disasters! We had two Thanksgivings-- the first, the "official" Thanksgiving, was with Kira & Nino & Robert & Judy, featuring Arturo, Donna, Lee & Carrol, & Jessica. That was a big success, & the theme of the night was "that's what she said!" Second Thanksgiving was all us-- I'd been hording points at the grocery store, & got a free turkey! So last Sunday Jenny brined it using Alton Brown's recipe, & we cooked a feast for us, James, Carla & Kenneth, featuring Claudio the dog. Oh, it is worth mentioning! Palo Santo is the name of the Thanksgiving mascot, the turkey dressed as a Pilgrim. He shoots you with his blunderbuss & makes you fall asleep till Black Friday.
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