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Little wee devils!

(Meat Man, from Mythbusters, aka my next Promethean character-- not pictured, diving helmet!)

A diary? Writing to record my happenstances? What ho! Last night I got a martini or three courtesy of friend the gentleman Pierce, who I met through a mutal affection for Paizo & Nicola Griffith, oddly enough. What a juxtapose! We met up at the Algonquin, which I'd never managed to get my act together & get to before. Nice enough. My mixology pedigree is all in Brooklyn-- where I'd've taken him to the Cotton Club (you know I dig the sidecar!)-- I only know about dives & happy hours in Manhattan. Still we had a lovely enough time, full of swag & gossip.

This week at work has been moronic. Swamped with backlog on Tyr's day: fine-- my own fault for having Moon's day off (to slam out my NaNoWriMo)-- but then Odin's day was Sale Conference, which meant I was in meetings for a straight seven hours. Today was going to be catching up on that mess, but instead-- a virus! My work computer got infected & getting it fixed was sort of the work of the whole day. I mean-- ugh. & then tomorrow I have off...which means my weekly digests are going out on Moon's day instead of Thor's day. Whatever, suck it!

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