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Watchtower Gothique.

Buy my most recent National Novel Writing Month project, Watchtower Gothic. A novel about the childhood of Gillick Bootblack, a boy growing up in The City-- population, one billion-- as a member of The Unity, a sect of militant Utopians. Gillick's fate is to one day become the world's most infamous war criminal-- but only if he can get out of this creepy carnivale! His friends Alizarin Red, Blondie Glass, & Beatle Chimneysweep are there to help him along the way-- as is the grotesque Doktor Tophet. It is only $7.02 for a hardcopy-- & the download is free. & while you are at it, you could buy any of my other NaNoWriMo projects. Now that I'm finished, I can finally get back to having a life! I actually chickened out of a Creative Commons license-- none of them are what I want, which is derivatives-only-with attribution.
Tags: books, nanowrimo, oubliette
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