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Don't go breaking my heart! (105)

House of Cthulhu by Brian Lumley.

The Land Before Time!
Starring...Littlefoot! Not really,
but that would be sweet.

I guess my opinion of him hasn't changed from The Taint? Or Necroscope for that matter. He's fine but...not great. I actually thought I was going to put this down...but then I'd read a story I did like, & would carry on. Here is sort of the deal: he tries to pastiche Robert E. Howard & Clark Ashton Smith here (with of course heapings of Lovecraft's Mythos) but just...doesn't get it. His "barbarians" come off like parody depictions of pop cultural Conan, not the clever, noble Conan of the books. They are what you make joke about, if you never actually sat down to read the Howard. Besides that, his depictions of women & people of colour are...problematic. Listen, if you set your book at a nebulous "time before the dinosaurs" you might want to think about not making the "savages" black & the heroes white. I'm just saying. Still-- when he does wizards, it is kind of cute. Kind of Vancian, actually. Vance-ian. Kind of like Jack Vance. His wizards are interesting, & sell their stories...but the rest are like drinking flat soda.
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