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Only spit out my 1.6k words today in my NaNoWriMo. Gillick Bootblack, Blondie, & Alizarn Red are at the karnak carnivale going to see Doktor Tophet. The poor dear things. Ugh though I have been damaged! Last night was Sam's game of World of Darkness monster mash, & I played a werewolf (who in human form looked a lot like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) who wouldn't stop talking about Antarctica. I had the soles of the shoes Saint Lawrence "Titus" Oates wore when he walked off into the blizzard in an honorable attempt to save his friend's life! I have a piece of the tent from Saint Birdie Bowens, Saint Uncle Bill & Saint Cherry's Emperor Penguin Egg Expedition! I didn't have any of Shackleton's whiskey, though. There was...a lot of frenzy! It turns out boy do Vampires & Werewolves freak out a lot in each other's company. So today was just trying to mope as much as possible. Get it out of my system. I managed to leave the apartment to get groceries-- I had a salad for breakfast, & grilled cheese for lunch. Also lots of Kix. M tested, M approved. We also watched V. Which is...kind of terrible. Not through the remote at the screen bad, but just that bland kind of boring. Like Flash Forward, which we've stopped watching. Anyhow, the V stuff looks pretty, & Morena Baccarin is very pretty & otherworldly. Plus you know, Alan Tudyk, & that girl from Lost who reminds me of Danielle. I'll give it another chance, but I'm not excited about it. Seems aimed at a lower brow than I'd like, a middle brow. Canned ethics conflict, ahoy! I do like aliens though. & fascists. My other Quest today was venturing out to find bitters. My usual source has been out, & I require frequent infusions of angostura bark. I ended up at "Grab," which is a Bierkraft-like specialty shop, with kegs to fill growlers with arthaus beers, & stinky cheeses, & such. Also netted some Fee's Bitters with my usual Angostura Aromatic Bitters. Oh & hey! Bernie is in town-- he was at game last night, too!
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