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The ony humans I admire are Saint Oates & Saint Armstrong, & their ilk. (101)

Spacesuits by Amanda Young, photos by Mark Avino.

Severian saw
a knight in white armor
with a gold visor.

Okay, that might be my favorite haiku of all time. In The Book of the New Sun, one of the greatest books ever written, the protagonist is in the corridors of a museum, full of every ancient wonder-- & the caretaker shows him the "oldest painting" they have, & Severian our narrator describes it as a knight in white armor, with a gold visor, standing on a blasted battlefield, holding an eerie flag aloft. It is of course the moon landing, but being set however many tens, hundred of thousands years later-- millions-- Severian has no reference.

This book is gorgeous. Still photographs of the clothes you might need to go to outerspace. The writing is historically interesting-- who competed, who won the contract-- but except when it gets technical, the pictures dwarf it. The layout is fairly crazy, if only because reading along with the text forces you to jump all over, but there aren't a lot of options when you have loads of full page art. My favorite might by the AX-1-- a hardbody suit with rotary joints that managed to look like the most ungainly & most elegant option at the same time. I read this at work while doing a bit of drudgery that I had to wait around to finish, & I was surprised by the reactions I got-- everyone wanted to talk about it. People stopped me in the elevator-- "you know, Platex had a contract with NASA to build spacesuits!" or had an opinion. Just goes to show you, the space race isn't dead! Come on, Ares! Seriously though, why did we call our rocket Ares? Ares is the god of war. We're not even trying to scare the Russians anymore with our ballistic prowess. Why! I think the USA was just jealous of India having the guts to call their "I"CBMs Agni. Which to be fair is a pretty intimidating thing to call your nukes.
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