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Geek Chic. (97)

Geektastic edited by Holly Black & Cecil Castellucci.

Clark Kent wears glasses.
Kal is a newspaper geek.
Jor-El? Science geek.

This is a collection of stories, ruminations on nerdery, in particular, on High School geekdom. Contributed to by a whole host of the "cool kids" of YA literature-- & to sit at the popular table in YA fandom you kind of have to be a big nerd. The first story, by Holly Black & Cecil Castellucci, is a romance between a con-going pair of cosplayers-- a Jedi & a Klingon. Mostly when the 501st show up as the undisputed authority, that part is the best. They also wrote the interstitial comics, with illustration by the always awesome Bryan Lee O'Malley & Hope Larson. That story, & the comics, are very strong. A lot of the other stories are fine, or cute-- or in the case of Kelly Link's "Secret Identity", really weird. The only one I didn't like I pretty viscerally disliked-- Barry Lyga's "The Truth About Dino Girl." The culmination of that story? Has the protagonist, a paleontologically inclined girl with a crush on the baseball jock with the lame tattoo of a flaming baseball, bumping into the aforementioned guy's girlfriend, & spilling her borderline stalker doodles of said aweful ink all over. The girlfriend says predictable things-- "he's my boyfriend, you are a weirdo who is stalking him, leave him along" & then doesn't tell everyone in the school. She tells the boyfriend with the terrible tat, but leaves it at that. So our "protagonist"? Her "revenge" is to sneak into the girl's locker room, take pictures of the girlfriend while she's showering, & post them all over with a note saying "I R A SLUTZ" & posting the girls home phone. Okay, newsflash Barry Lyga. Your protagonist is the bully. Your protagonist is the villain in the other stories. On a lighter note, probably the sweetest story is "The Stars at the Finish Line," by Wendy Mass.

None of these were my geek childhood, though.
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