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Halloween! Yes, this picture is from the weird camera built in to the computer. I'm trying to be better at taking pictures, but the frank reality is that I'm a terrible photographer. Still, practice will lead to improvement, probably. Also, while I'm talking about taking pictures, everyone is complaining about flickr lately. Okay, tagging is added functionality. You have to click an extra time to "all sizes" to get the html for image hosting. A slight, minor paint, for functionality I don't use. People freaking out about it are-- well, people freaking out about their sense of entitlement to a free service. Or some people are Pro-- I'm Pro-- but still, not a big deal. I will say it is funny, the dichotomy between how Flickr views itself-- as a website to socially distribute personal photographs-- & how it is used. I like that Flickr isn't Tumblr. That said, I certainly use it as a combination sharing/hosting service. You know? A pipeline leading back to here. Alright, enough meta.

Yesterday was a busy day! Hurried up at work to get my stuff done before 1:00, which is when I had my yearly review/lunch. Good stuff, & the obligatory negative was mostly "now that you've been here a year, here are new responsibilities going forward." My boss wrote a simile comparing me to the Death Star & my workload to Alderaan, but his boss nixed it. We went to Old Town & we ended up ordering the exact same thing-- chili, then a bison burger. Mine with munster cheese & onion rings. The rings were of the old school batter type, fat. Acceptable fare, though I confess I probably didn't pay as much attention to my food as I would have were I not being occupationally reviewed. Then I left work early to go to the dentist's office-- another chance to be graded on my performance! Got cleaned up & not too badly yelled at for not flossing. Next time-- "deep cleaning," whatever that might entail. Came home only in time to pack up the dirty clothes & take it to the laundromat. By the time I came home with clean & dry clothes, I was done for. Just sat on the couch miserable, until it was time for bed. At which point I just tossed back & forth. Now today I am going to go help Nick & Rachel move, then to a Halloween party at Kat's. Then Sunday, I am going to see Pamela run in the New York City Marathon, & go to the gym, & start my NaNoWriMo!
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