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So, you think your kung-fu is pretty good, eh?

Yesterday I got lunch with Marie at Le Pain Quotidien. We split a Tuscan platter & a seaweed salad & she picked up the tab-- how nice of her! We talked about things, & I circumlocuted a few times, but it is always lovely to see her. Plus, galleys for the second book of her Kronos Chronicles are in, so it was a good reminder for me to lay hands on one so I can read it. Leaving we made a loose concept of a plan to see The Plan the Battlestar Galactica movie, & to see the DVR version, since, well, it has boobs in it. Then it was back to the beehive!

That evening was the Halloween party at work, which started a little inauspiciously-- Nichole & I went to buy wine for the party & then got carded! Since I wasn't wearing my coat, I didn't have my identification, & since she was all purse swapping for her costume-readying, neither did she! So there was a bit of Keystone Kops going on. We took care of it eventually, & I sussed out her & Andy's martial arts styles-- he is the "Ruthless otter" while she is the "Shifting Manticore" & her finishing move is "Poetic Justice." You figure it out by asking people what their totem animal is, & then who their favorite villain is & what trait of theirs they most admire. Voila! Eventually we came back to a party in full swing. Our parties often turn into company parties instead of just department parties, because we throw a hella fun bash. Jenny came up & we wore shirts that light up the closer we get & dim the farther away from each other we go. Too sweet! Too gross! All the company executives showed up, & the CEO & Jenny & me had a little hello, too. I became very drunk! But not obnoxiously, or overly. Just party drunk. We stuck around to help clean up & then Jenny & I went home, ate burittos, & watched Community & Mythbusters. At home, I think I was drunker than I was at the party!
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