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What you talking 'bout "we", paleface?

Last night was a lot of fun! Jenny was a little bit fussy when I got home, but that faded when company showed up. Dinner (& then this morning's breakfast!) was pretty intense. Jenny took two acorn squashes, cut them in half, scooped out the seeds, then filled them with a mixture of quinoa, ground pork, apples, & onions, peppered it pretty heavily, & then baked it. Pretty darn successful. No Lilly this week again, so just down to the Gruesome Foursome, me & Jenny, David & Maggie. There wasn't a lot of television to watch, which I blamed on baseball...which may or may not be true. We kept the tv off for a while, just shooting the breeze-- David & Maggie brought flowers for Jenny & DnD miniatures for me! The yochlol is my favorite; that plus the couple of ochre jelly minis I have should make for a pretty horrifying encounter. Finally all our giggles were out, & it was time to tune into America's Next Top Model. I have very little I can even say about this episode besides-- blackface. Tyra dressed the girls up in blackface. The girls went to Hawai'i, which...I have a soft spot for. I went on that cruise on the Nimitz from Hawai'i to Seattle when I was 13, & really liked Hawai'i. Not to mention the mythology & culture of pre-contact Hawai'i are interesting, & still semi-extant! I like it, is all I'm saying. Tyra's logic for the blackface was that Hawai'i is a melting pot of ethnicities, which is true-- & for a minute I thought her mash-up idea was going to be fashion, just fashion. Then she started saying it was fashion "inspired" by these they dragged out an "Indian Headress." Okay, I can...still stay with you. "Cowboys & Indians" are an interesting film & literature motif despite being largely fictional. Oh, oh, wait, you are putting the girls in blackface. Okay! Then Jay started shouting ridiculous things like "Botswanans hear music everywhere!" & one girl was supposed to be Malagasies! Who the hell knows anything about Madacascar's population? One of the two anonymous girls was kicked off-- whatever, they both bore me. Then, amidst beer & ice cream, we moved on to Modern Family, which Jenny likes & I don't hate. Though this episode had a nice "women should let men win, like good martyrs" moral, which, ugh.
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