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Wait a minute those were the droids we were looking for!

CAPTAIN'S LOG: Nothing to report. Monday I came home, tired as the dickens. Charles Dickens, a man suffering from a horrible version of narcolepsy. First I stopped at the grocers to get supplies for Jenny to make macaroni & cheese-- with sausage & mushrooms embedded in it. We watched something-- some kind of program. Eventually the carbohydrates woke me up somewhat, but I still ended up going to bed fairly early-ish. See how exciting Monday was! Tuesday was sort of the same. I bought gear for cooking, & living-- eggs & toilet paper. Told the cashier I was preparing for my Halloween pranks. Jenny made a frittata & I went to the gym. I've been back in the slump of not going often enough, & I'm trying to get out of it. Twice a week will not cut it, for I am the Lord of Slaughter, & the Blood God demands blood! They were playing The Golden Compass at the gym, so I did the elliptical more than I might otherwise. I think that film gets a bad rap-- say what you will but the casting in amazing. Lyra is one of my favorite all-time protagonists. Like, she'd be way up on the list. She's so great, & so clever-- I want Cunning to be the virtue of more characters. It appeals to me. Metis! Plus, there are polar bears wearing armor, fighting each other. I so seriously envy Pullman the invention of the panzerbjorn. They really are an astonishing medley of awesome ideas. Anyhow, I came back from the gym & dug into the sausage & broccoli frittata that Jenny made, & we watched Castle. Seeing Nathan Fillion in his Captain Malcolm Reynold's garb, from Firefly made both of us grin stupidly. Seriously, fan service is not always a bad thing! I sure do miss Firefly-- it might just have been Joss Whedon's best work. Buffy broke boundries & it & Angel are always going to be favorites of mine, but Firefly had at least the potential to be one of the greatest, bestests. & I'm not even a Browncoat fanboy type. This is just facts! Anyhow, then off to bed. Woke up at the same time as Jenny, played some video games, now here I am at work on my lunch break. Sherene & I split a 2-for-1 coupon for burritos.
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