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Nimrod begat Gideon, Babel, & Sion.

Oh crap! Inbetween all the events happening, I lost track of what I actually do with my life. The things, bits & pieces, that actually structure the thing. The glial cells, if you will. Friday I decided to stay in-- I hadn't seen Jenny in a little while, so I wanted to hang out with her. Plus, we had a whole batch of bono fide television to catch up on. Nothing of particular note: 30 Rock, & Tosh.0 which remains both offensive & funny, Rotten Tomatoes & infoMania off Current TV, & I'm sure a few other things. I sort of lost track, & they spilled over to Saturday morning too. I've taken to watching Project Runway & Models of the Runway with Jenny, but they still aren't my favorite. Acceptable though. We also ended up getting though Parks & Recreation, too. Community which is shaping up into a pretty killer little sitcom. Shows & shows. Besides that of course, eating. Salads, a couple of times. I think the meal I most remember was my own invention! Grilled cheese & turkey, dunked in the last of the squash soup. The squash soup had bacon to crumble up in it! There were pieces & parts. I also managed to play a whole bunch of Final Fantasy; I'm at the Crescent Lake, just lit the Earth Orb. Besides all that, had a nice time hanging out with Jenny. Alternatingly goofy, interesting, affectionate-- the whole nine yards. Last night she wanted to keep hanging out so bad I bought a 40oz bottle of beer & we just stayed up past midnight fooling around.

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