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Up to no good.

Last night was a fun little diversion, that reminded me of a few things. One, I like Jenny better than everyone. Two, that I like going out sometimes, despite that. Three, that I only like to stay out for a few hours, & part of the perks of hanging out with work people is that they have the same time table as me. That is a really nice perk-- if I leave at 8:00 PM when hanging out with most people, they freak out about how early I'm leaving-- or half the time the party hasn't even started yet. Work people though, are like "yeah, I'm heading out too" or the next day are like "yeah, I left about 8:30." See, we've all got to nine to five it in the morning! Unlike these "wake up at noon" types.

Anyhow, it was Nick Courage's day at the bar-- at No Idea, they have a "you drink for free today if your name is ______" & Nick was this Thursday. I've already checked their calendar-- there isn't a Mordicai day. Anyhow, fun synchronicity. On my Facebook, my boss' boss' boss, the VP of my division, is my buddy. Which is all well & fine-- about the most objectionable I am these days is talking in my Balrog voice. Right? So he commented out of the blue that I go to No Idea too much-- which isn't true? He was just riffing on the words in my Facebook status or something. Then I had to go to Nick's, & then I found out that the NYC NaNoWriMo Meet-Up is at No Idea, & suddenly it became true! Well, I went over to the bar with my boss, & we met up with Kat, & a bunch of Picador people. That was a jolly time, but before too long Kat & Matt & I had to bail, to go down to Kat's apartment to meet Jocelyn & Brian. Which we did! Seeing Jocelyn was a big perk of going out last night. I haven't seen her in forever, & had to bail on her birthday for Reasons. So down we went, Kat poured out her troubles. There was a kitten, which I didn't play with on account of Jenny's allergies. Well, I chased it around a little, but that doesn't count, only touching counts. Then when my time was up, I went home to find Jenny sleeping on the couch & tasty squash soup. I put the soup in a bowl & ate it by sopping it up with torn off pieces of bread.
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