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:!: is my moai emoticon.

This picture of the younger female protagonist from Gossip Girl was killing me last night. Achingly pretty. I don't care if she wears too much dark eye makeup! I am precisely the guy who doesn't care about that. Note: any time anybody makes a decidedly Galadriel fashion choice, I am on board. Why am I talking about Middle-Earth legendarium all the time lately? I guess the stresses of life just climb out of the woodwork & regress my geekdom to its core. I'm thinking next I'll start talking about the Matachin Tower & then you'll know I'm on my way back up, out of the deep. If you were a sailor on a submarine. & you climbed into your pressure suit, out onto the hull of the sleek, cigar-shaped vessel. Feeling its dull nuclear throb beneath your legs, Strangelove inverted. & you held on to a handle, tight, the current & speed of the ship making the water tug at you. The black water, darker than the deepest cave of the Earth. & you beamed your flashlight about. Just a narrow band of light, darting here & there in the infinite void of the ocean's neverending shadow. The slender circle of faint light would dance across tentacles, eyes. Or nothing, bubbles. The nothing is the true thing, the worst thing. Vast, incomprehensible. The bottled lightning that you use for a mind is electrochemically incapable of understanding. So you see your flashlight gobble up the fathoms, half imagining the sounds around you aren't empty. & in the sea, it never it. Filled with the great crushing waters. Teaming with life. The tentacles are real. The eye the size of a dinner plate. Of a Volkswagon. The void is rife with aliens, & your fingers are growing numb & so you clamor back into your tin can & clank along, clang clang clang.

So it looks like we're making the best of our troubles. At least as far as greenbacks are concerned. In a stunningly weird turn of events, it seems likely that we are going to sublet our spare room (Spare Oom) for a few months. Going back to having roomates is a crazy idea, but it just might work. In fact, the plausible odds are that we'll rent it to toughlad & skycornerless. In double fact, they came over last night to look at the room & to discuss, you know, how it would work. Practical concerns, expectations, ground rules, that sort of thing. So we're fairly along that line of thought. Renting the room out should mollify recent concerns with the bones, with the moths in our wallets. It is an odd direction for life to take. So, that is the team on I am. The pragmatic application of Will to my troubles, to effect change. Things get dire & I set my jaw. Plus, having James & Emily around is practically like having a full gaming group built in. Don't tell Jenny I said that though! Yeah, the plan is for it to still be "our" apartment, meaning Jenny & mine. Like, we'll be still paying the lion's share of the rent, the living room won't be so much communal as still ours, but they'll of course be allowed in it & whatever. They'll stay for three to four months probably, sort of using our place as an in-between. I am kind of stressed, kind of excited. Still, this is what I do. I solve my problems, rather than letting them snowball. Problem solver.

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