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Things used to get bad. I mean, they used to get Drama Bad, plenty, but they've been straight up Dark Times, too. Heck, there was that time I had to get reconstructive surgery for my face, that was a bummer, right? Well, October has been making a case! This hasn't been my team's month. Besides some Legitimate Bad Stuff, there has just been a mess of slings & arrows & other outrageous fortunes through at us this month. Moving in to the bigger apartment has been a bit of an albatross too; we would have been as poor as we were five years ago, which was the plan & would have been fine, but all the mud & blood of October has made the cut deeper. We've got some funny plans in the works to fix that up; we'll see how things go with that. I might have some real sitcom news soon. Still, I'm pleased to see that Troubles aren't causing a wedge with me & the wife. We've got a pair bond, you best reckon. Oh & the dog of her childhood died today. So thanks October. Thanks, I get the message. We're all horse heads in the sheets. I get it. Bring your best soldiers to the fight, though. There is no man or machine. Who can stop me.

I am coy with my explanations since a lot of the onus is on my wife's shoulders, or shared between us, so the veil of privacy isn't entirely mine to life. Still, it makes me think. Remember that time in college when I took a philosophy course called "Love & Friendship" just so that I could fail it & then laugh at failing love & friendship? Oh those self destructive twenties! The roaring twenties, full of all the bootleg liquor you could hold, also Chicago typewriters & drive-bys. There was a gentleman, Robert Nozick, who contended that his definition for love was that, compared to friendship, when someone you loved had their fortunes rise, rather than feeling glad for them, your fortunes rose too. & correspondingly when someone you loved had bad things happen, rather than sympathy for them, it was like the bad things happened to you. Well, at the time I wrote a paper using his schema to say that hate was obviously superior to love, for if you hated someone & their fortunes fell, then yours would rise, & in a universe with entropy, bad things were easier & more reliable then good things. I turned that in & stopped going to that class, stat. Still, it seems true. Hard knocks for Jenny translate to a hard knock for me. Good thing I make Angaband look like a playground, I'm so iron fortress.

Oh & I invented the #balrog hashtag at twitter, where I just right POV entries from the Balrog of Moria's perspective. You know, I was always charmed by the name that Iron Crown Enterprises gave the Durin's Bane in their Middle-Earth Role-Playing supplement-- Ghâsh. Fire! What the orcs chant when he comes up from the deep places of the world, where he has been gnawing at the roots of the mountain. A nice strong orcish word. Oh Moria; you are the place I think of, sometimes.

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