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Smash! Wow, the music really does say rise, does say kill! My autonomic systems have been going absolutely nuts today. Woke up with my farandole kything X...X....X...X to me, my mitochondria echoing loud & roaring with their drum beats. The tree of life is inside of you, & it bears four different fruit: adenine & guanine taste alike, as do cytosine & thymine, but uracil taste just the same as thymine. Xanthine & hypoxathine grow on the other tree, the tree that the flaming sword forbids you from. Don't worry, we have eaten from that tree, & it is delightful. Then now my heart is a pitter patter. A bird battering itself against the bars of my rib cage. A smear of blood down a glass window. Settle down, why don't you, oh trembling bit of black rock! The black rock of Babel! The red rock of Cain! Sharp tear drop shapes that I held close to my breast-- is it any wonder it wormed its way in? There is a meditation on the Will & the Way; this is the real fact behind good & evil. Behind the dark side of the force. Will you chose the Way, or the Will? Ulp, my viscera is strangling me, penanggalan-like.

I've really been thinking a lot about ritualization. Confucious had that right. Crime & punishment is a terrible system. Better than sin & guilt, but not better than shame. I am not sure the lines of loyalty he posits are the best, but the idea of internalization-- it appeals to me. Even more because I've been thinking about mandates. Who governs under what flag? Brute strength cedes to apeals to godhead or destiny, & currently the mandate of the people is popular. I think the mandate of ideology is the way to go. I want people willing to recklessly chose the advancement of a cause over the advancement of self. Not to self destruction, though I think that is what it will be contrasted by. Overheard just now in my office: "The fishnets, the champagne, the machete."

NaNoWriMo again this year, I think.

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