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"...only a handful of sages know the tale of the world’s first dragons." Why. That is my question. How does this even remotely make anyone, from either an in-game or an out-of-game perspective? From the out of game perspective it is particularly agrigious! "This pithy piece of mythology that we can summarize in a secret! Your character can never know this utterly benign detail about cosmology!" Why. Just so frustrating. From an in-game standpoint, isn't this exactly the sort of thing anybody might know? Like knowing that a burning bush talked to Moses. Just a piece of religious trivia? Just bugged me, seeing it there. Like needing to make knowledge rolls to see if you know that silver hurts werewolves. Come on folks, this is the sort of stuff mythology encodes!

This weekend was a bit kooky! First things first, I didn't go to the gym. At all. So that is a week off, thanks for nothing, cold! I want to go tonight but I'm still a bit congested. Friday wasn't much of anything, drop off straight to bed. Saturday I played a heck of a lot of Final Fantasy, then Jenny came home. We made mulled wine, & the grossest casserole of all time. We watched a fair clip of television too-- notably Glee, which continues to be problematic but has singing & dancing. Seriously, I'll give some leeway for a song & dance vaudville number! & also Community, which is awfully darn funny. Sunday was time for Jenny to make a pot roast! & to watch SNL, which advertised the new Bud Light Honey Wheat so hard that I went out & bought some. Then we managed to convince ourselves to go out; we went to Candace's party in Williamsburg with Kira & Nino. The oysters caught on fire! There was wine, & plus a guy who had invented a new kind of gin, which gave me the hiccups. It was pretty great though; the guy maintained that the medicinal flavor of modern gin was a hold-over from bathtub gin during the Prohibition-- that prior to that gin didn't have that much of an edge. Oh hey, I hear tell that vodka martinis are supposed to be shaken, not stirred; that James Bond wasn't a rube after all. That vodka isn't as delicate as gin, & also shaking makes it colder. Huh!
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