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October has tentacles.

I can't say anything that will shock you! I've been sick, plus broke, plus I like Jenny more than anyone else, so I haven't been doing anything. Not even going to the gym. I've played some video games. I've used my google reader-- it does work pretty well! I still read my livejournal friends list here, since so many insist on being private. Top secret lives! Work is worktacular. I worry I won't get much of a raise at my one year review. Last night I spent reading some comic books on loan from David; unlike him I laughed again & again att he weird gag issue where Marvex the Super-Robot disrobed (as in the infamous panel above) over & over again. & again. Having sorted through all of those comics, nothing really blew the top of my head off-- Batgirl? I only care about Cassandra Cain, & certainly not about Stephanie getting scolded by Babs non-stop. Superman: Origins? Okay, alright, & I don't mind the retelling, but you've got the Morisson Four Panel to fight against; sort of the epitome right now, right? For me at least. I will say that Batwoman might be amazing if it wasn't called Batwoman. You know? Like, I'm sorry but the Bat logo has power, & you can't just slap it on anything. Still, it is awfully pretty. If I slip & think of it as an Elseworlds, it suddenly gets really good. When I finished up the comics, I played Final Fantasy while Jenny read next to me in her underwear. Then I drank some more nyQuil & went to bed. Seriously this sickness thing, blah! Hey, why does Dracula could "BLAH!" in parodies?
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