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I've been sick! Perhaps my relentless booze hounding all weekend was partially to blame; otherwise I think Tom & Sam were the culprits, at game. Which I guess is where I should start on recounting events. After game was over, James & Tom went outside to smoke pipes (ew?) & then James came back & he & Tracey & I tried to talk about the new mechanic idea for some kind of Potency attribute. They were both resistant to the idea, but James ended up arguing himself into my corner. Tracey is the Old Skool one of all of us, so it isn't surprising to me. Still, I am taking her feedback into consideration. Ideas, wheels always turning. Then it was homeward bound! All last weekend the trains had been colossally disrupted; 18 out of 20 lines were running incorrectly! So I was resolved to walk home, but catch a bus if I could. I called up Jenny & she said that despite canceling her plans with Carla earlier, she had changed her mind & gone over to her new apartment. So there I was on the street, talking to Jenny, when four buses passed me in a ten second interval-- two F shuttles & two of the regular bus line. I started cursing, hung up the phone, & ran to catch one, which I eventually did. Calling Jenny back, she was very confused-- she had told me she was at Carla's & suddenly I'd started shouting obscenities at her & then hung up on her! No no, just trying to catch the bus. I ended up going to Carla's new place, eating a bunch of mozzerella balls, & having a couple drinks. Jenny thought I was acting "weird," which was probably advance warning that I was getting sick. Walking home Jenny & I stumbled across Windsor Terrace & Park Slope like we were out of our minds, cracking up at everything we saw.

I don't know that anything happened on Monday. I was a little bit sick, but I don't know if I'd copped to it yet. Tuesday was much more interesting: Phil was in town from California, so even though I was full on with the sniffles by then, he came over. Jenny made chicken in white wine sauce, & the two of them split the rest of the vino. It was nice seeing Phil; he made noises about coming back to Gotham, which I don't have to tell you seems like a no-brainer to me. Then poof! He was gone. I downed some nyQuil & hit the hay. I had called work the night before to tell my boss I was going to be sick; Jenny had the day off & it was agreed that staying home to be babied & heal up a bit would be the wisest option. It was, too! I slept late, almost till ten! The big project we undertook was setting up my Google Reader. I'm still an LJ booster, but it has just gotten terrible at acting as a feed reader, & so it was time. We made shortish work of it; all of the three hundred or so threads are all woven through google, now. gordicai. Besides that we were generally pretty chill-- Jenny made me french toast, & beef stew for dinner. I beat Mega Man 3 & started playing the original Final Fantasy. I am sometimes disgusted with myself for playing old NES games on the Wii-- but hey, they are awesome, & you can use the Wii remote for them. The evening ended with David & Maggie coming over for TV night, which was short! The dvr hadn't recorded America's Next Top Model so we'll get the rerun & have two for next week. David left me with his comics! I haven't read comics in forever. Morrison's Batman & Robin is pretty great; is it the only comic that uses the internet well? I think maybe. Pak has been writing great Hulk spin-off stuff: The Incredible Hercules had a great RPG spook featuring Cho, & The Incredible Hulk has Skaar, like Conan, but can transform? What is going on with Skaar?

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