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Bang bang! (92)

My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler.

Linotype Sabon
is the type face of this book.
Ketel One is hers.

I like Chelsea Handler. I liked her on Girls Behaving Badly & her Chelsea Handler Show was flat out brilliant for the hot second it was around. Chelsea Lately is fine, just fine, but I've stopped keeping up with it; I only record it during slow television seasons. I picked this up since, hey, I'll read whatever I want to. Besides, commedic essays & memoirs are not usually my thing. I find they still aren't my thing. A lot of the "shocking" things in here might be more shocking to Middle America than they are to me, but at least Handler has a solid sense of humor. Plus, she's honest-- which is a a weird thing to say for someone who lies all the time-- but she's honest enough about her biases. Awareness counts for something! Her adventures with Shoniqua (I assume based on her former co-star Shondrella Avery?) were the strongest parts, to me. This is probably a great gift book. Put it in the correct hands & you'll crack the right person up. I think I'll have Pam read it.
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