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We will build heroes.

I have got to say, I think I made the right choice hanging out last night with Jenny. I left work about fifteen minutes early & walked up Fifth Avenue to meet up on the street with Jenny as she walked down from her meeting. We grabbed a train & I was a little hyperstressed for a minute-- there was just some lady taking up more than a person's worth of seat, with her bags set next to her on top of it. That sort of thing drives me crazy. & next to her was an old guy sitting in the middle of two seat-spaces! Argh. In those sorts of scenarios, I usually get in there. "Oh, excuse me, can I sit here?" but since Jenny already had a seat, it wasn't happening. Eventually though a mom asked them to move so her kid could sit down, & I relaxed. Seriously, the small petty selfishness of humankind, ugh, just drives me nuts. Seriously, I really hope the advent of feminism & birth control allows a trend towards eusocialism. There! I said it. Hive mind, you knew it had to come back to there sooner or later!

We got back to Park Slope & decided to have a drink at Bar Reis; she didn't want me to have a martini, which was sad! I had...what did I have, oh, I forget now. Like...windmill? It was alright; I think I liked Jenny's hefewiezen better? Or at least, alternatingly it really tasted good, but that could just be because of my beer's bitterness. We came back here, bought a six pack of pumpkin beer, & sort of sprawled out for a bit. I looked through & organized stuff for my game on Sunday & she took care of some work email while we both listened to the new Mountain Goats. In the middle she came out & wanted to slow dance with me; it was awfully sweet. Eventually we folded our separate tasks up & watched some television in each other's laps: Tosh.0, which is still hilarious, still fairly offensive. infoMania is officially in my cool book. The Rotten Tomatoes show makes me realize that I really just don't care that much about movies. I care just enough to watch them recap the films, more or less. Then we watched Parks & Recreation, which I think has maybe eased off making everyone terrible? Or just gotten better in some way; it is a watchable show, finally, not just something we watched because we liked Ansari & Poehler. We stayed up for a little while after that, then to bed. I had very discreet dreams-- I kept waking up to drink water & each chunk of sleeptime was very separate. Weird semi-erotic dream, then military dream, then post-apocalyptic dream.
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