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I miss the spider-goats.

I am bushed! Like, deep lethargy in my bones, been there since the morning. There has been talk about disturbances in the Dreamtime lately, which I was just chalking up to seasonal drift; mornings keep on getting earlier, right? I have to admit to being among the Legion that always forgets how Daylight Savings Time actually works. "Fall back" means we get to sleep in, right? I think that is true. Anyhow, despite a full night of sleep & a full belly of burger (from New York Burger Co., a fine chunk of meat but pricey-- work footed the bill though) I am just wiped out. Last night when I got home Jenny was asleep (or whatever, she argued she was curled up in a fetal position resting her eyes!) but I knew she was going out later so I made dinner by cannibalizing leftovers: pulled pork sandwich with aioli & smoked gouda, squash & quinoa mash. Then I went to the gym-- I've been good about my attendance. I had though about maybe hanging out with someone, but I stayed home & worked on stuff for my game, which was pretty fulfilling, actually. I haven't run my game for a while (which it seems I say all the time now...) & I have started putting too much expectation on myself for them, when what I really need to do is just come up with ideas, then try to make everyone have fun. Chill out, Mordicai Control Monster. Anyhow, Jenny came home & we watched Community & then to bed, shoo! Tonight Jenny mentioned wanting to go to the gym; we'll see if she wants to & if I want to accompany her, since I almost certainly will go on Saturn's day.

I don't really have anything to talk about. My social life has been kind of nil; I see Jenny which is really nice (seriously, I'm like desperate for a wife sometimes) but other than that & TV night I've been kind of stuck inside. Not to mention that a lot of my friends have been moving away! & I've been too busy at work to have lunch with anybody. Tonight David is running a DnD game, but I'll probably just stay home with Jenny. So I can't act like it isn't my own dang fault. Still, something to think about, having a life. I don't know, really I just want to have a half-life, you know? Drinks after work till eight or something. Buck up, little Mordicai. I think my glum state ties right back into the being tired. Which I just straight up am. Tired.

There is a new idea for a mechanic drifting about in my mind. See, the World of Darkness has a supernatural system based on two concepts: Potency (like a vampire's Blood Potency, or a werewolf's Primal Urge, or a mage's Gnosis, or a wereworf's* Klin) & Essence (like a vampire's Blood Pool, or a werewolf's Essence, or a mage's Mana or a wereworf's Honor). Potency is rated 1-10, & controls your maximum attributes (above 6 your attributes start going above the cap of 5) & how many Essence you can spend a round. Your weaknesses are also tied to your Potency-- so a higher Potency vampire can't live off animal blood or eventually even human blood, or a high Primal Urge werewolf has a harder time interacting with people, & needs to retreat to the spirit world more often. Essence on the other hand ranges from 1-...well, your Potency determines the max, but it can get pretty sizable. Now for supernatural creatures, a ton of Essence is a useful game concept. It lets vampire's heal wounds, or frankensteins increase their attributes to do preternatural feats, or it acts as a power supply for various supernatural abilities. The thing is, for Oubliette, where we are (mostly) dealing with human(oids), that wealth of points is...overly complicated. More than it needs to be. So I am thinking of collapsing it into one attribute, like Willpower. Rated 1-10, with each "dot" allowing a "point" of Essence. Maybe it would be Presence + Intelligence, since Willpower is Composure + Resolve & Presence & Intelligence aren't used in character creation? Except then the number will be too high? Or it is if I use it like Potency. Anyhow, besides "powering" abilities (which Willpower, & even Health will do) I think you can spend it to call on an Act of God or Luck or whatever. That is, you tell the Narrator what you want to happen, whatever it might be; you want a car to escape, or you want your enemy to drop dead. Then the Narrator rolls a chance die for you. On a 10, bingo! You find a car with the keys in the ignition, or an anvil drops out of the sky onto your opponant. On a 1 though...Dramatic Failure. Maybe the owner of the car sees you jiggling handles...& is a cop. Or you trip over tangled shoelaces & stab yourself in the eye. Something appropriate to what you asked-- ask a little, only get screwed a little. Ask a lot...

*Not really real.
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