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Coming out of my burger post, I was talking to Theresa about wanting to get a Juicy Lucy from Matt's Bar. Basically, that is a hamburger with the cheese INSIDE of it. I read about it existing in the Twin Cities, then went over to Theresa & mentioned that I wanted one. Since that is where she is. Which, out of context makes me seem omniscient, which I also kind of am, by coincidence. Anyhow, then the next day lemuriapress mentioned having one-- a confluence of events!

Didn't do much yesterday. Meeting in the morning, swamped with emails afterward, climbed out of that bog, train ride, shopping for stuff to make lentil soup, eat a pulled pork sandwich dropped off by Carla, then to the gym for a nice little spat to the dulcet tunes of the Krull soundtrack, back home to shower, eat some lentil stew without trading my birthright, then Jenny & I watched Castle-- & the trailer for the next episode really tickled me. To bed; had some kind of interesting dream but forgot it. I thought I had a meeting from 9:30 till 4:35 today, but I checked the revised agenda & it is only from 2:00 till 4:35. Then we'll have television night!

I have to say, the more I think about it, the more I ascribe to the cognitive theory of modeling really holds up, at least explanatorily. It describes the way your brain can do the math to catch a ball, it describes...heck, mostly everything that humans can do. & of course it vindicates worldbuilding as the most fundamental & important form of art. There is that aspect of it, too.Of course, elegance in a theory is hardly equivilent to plausibility or evidence, but you know. Speculation is fun. My neuroscience has slipped anyhow, though I am reading a book about the origin of language at the moment.
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