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Sowing the hydra's teeth.

(Pope's Paul Muad'dib is some very nice design, based on John Schoenherr's work)

Got all ten plagues of Egypt here this weekend. I mean the whole kit & kaboodle. It wasn't very pleasant but now we can put it aside & get back to the issues at hand. Nice to know the citadal can stand the hurricane without the minaret even shaking. I've digested a bunch of visual media but been lax at recording it-- X-Men Origins: Wolverine is just as terrible as you think it could be, Parks & Recreation has actually gotten funny, Flash Forward is too "dramadramadrama" all the time, but as funny as the quip that all the "flash forwards" would just be of guys going "oh crap I'm having deja vu right now!" I don't mind it. Dollhouse's "Epitath One" was actually pretty brilliant. I think it is going to be the best episode of the whole series, by which I mean I have very little faith in it not being cancelled. & unlike the cancelation of a lot of shows, I won't cry foul-- I like the show, am mostly caught up, but I can understand why people aren't watching it & why Fox would pull the plug. Community is full fledged funny. Have now put InfoMania & the Rotten Tomatoes show in our official rotation. Probably snuck a few other shows in there, but you know...that gives you the rough impression. Canceled all my plans this weekend to reap the whirlwind, so it was pretty much television & the gym. Saturday I put in a good, solid hour and a half, with two hardcore cardiovascular races & a power hour of lifting. Sunday was an hour and a few, much more relaxed but a nice capstone for the weekend. I'm wanting to go back tonight, we'll see if my motivation cracks. Anyhow, I think the next movie I see will either by Paranormal Activity (the hype is working on me?) or Splice, who helped me refine what I wanted the homunculi to look like.

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