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Earl of Sandwich.

I have been eating a lot of burgers lately, both because Jenny has wanted them, & because well, I want them. Charred flesh. Today I met onatopofthings for lunch & we went to Goodburger. I'd had it delivered in for a meeting once before, but this time was much better; I got the double cheeseburger with onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato & ketchup (catsup!) & I would say it was pretty excellent. The onions had just the kind of bite I wanted-- I normally don't want onions unless they are caramelized but this time it payed off. Also onion rings, which were very good & battered. The french fries that Ryan got were BS though. This reminds me: the onion rings at Flipsters are good, & I think we've settled on the awareness that the double burger there, with the aioli mayo, is the way to go. The rub burger wasn't worth bothering with, & the lamb burger was also a bust. We have mostly laid off Corner Burger, unless we have a craving for fried pickles. We haven't ever really gotten into The Park Slope Ale House, since for whatever reason Jenny doesn't like it so much. Five Guys is too fast food for my taste. We used to get all of our burgers from Grand Canyon, & they do have a really good spinach burger...they call it a Florentine maybe? Of course, if we are around the Flatiron, we can get Shake Shack, with their giant burger & portabella stuffed with cheese & deep shakes & concretes. Went there with Tracey recently, & then Jenny not a month before that. Yikes. That is some crazy calories even for me. Man! Burgers. & onion rings, I even got onion rings at Tabla. You know, I should review all this stuff on Yelp or something. I blame A Hamburger Today's style guide for my recent interest. Edit: just found out I'm having a meeting next week catered by New York Burger Co....
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