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I still say put out a Vampire: the Masquerage nWoD sourcebook. (89)

Requiem Chronicler's Guide by White Wolf.

"...worms play pinochle..."
"If this coffins a-knockin'..."
"I do not"

I looked at this at primroseport's recommendation; I never would have otherwise. I just don't mine my ideas from books like this, & a lot of the advice in Narrator guides like this tend to be fairly obvious. This still bends a little bit that way, but does follow the absolutely stellar gem at the core of the "new" World of Darkness-- not having a canon. Now, I wasn't a hater of the "old" World of Darkness metaplot, since I can discard & use whatever I feel like, but I have to admit that the new flag they sail under really warms my cockles. There are quite a few ideas in here that say "scrap the whole shebang from Vampire: the Requiem & try this on for size," like "Damnation" in which every Player is cursed by God/Devil/Kali/Whatever, individually; various "Clanless' pitches, The "Other" where the Beast is replaced by a sociopathic evil, & the most compelling: "Monster Garage" where you strip the character down to just Power, Finesse, Resistance & Vices-- Sloth operates like Obfuscate or Resilience, Pride like Majesty or Dominate, etc. There are chronicle-as-setting ideas, like "Bottle" where they say "put the bloodsuckers in prison! or on that Lost island!" There are even a few that sort of explode the meta-logic of play style, which you know I dig on; "Solo" is basically the "snapshot" style of play, writ large; "Generational" suggests an Ars Magica style elders/neonate level play. Interesting; something to flip though for ideas, to refer back to for new takes when you have an idea.
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