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Ftagn! (87, 88)

Baby's First Mythos by C.J. Henderson & Erica Henderson.

Where the Deep Ones Are by Kenneth Hite & Andy Hopp.

...& with strange aeons
even death may go bye-bye.
"Bing! Please turn the page!"

The Crawling Chaos
is called Nyarlathotep. "Bing!"
"Turn the page, master."

I'll put these two together, since I got them together & there are alike in intention. Both are children's stories set in the Lovecraftian milieu. Baby's First Mythos I kept for potential future starpawn of star-Mordicai; the most charming thing about it is that it is done by a father/daughter team up. Where the Deep Ones Are is a telling of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" in a Where the Wild Things Are style, & that one I gave to Alicia for her birthday! Though I did sneak & read it first; used book! Tainted! Anyhow, both are super cute & important; as Baby's First Mythos says, the Whatley's had to start reading some kind of primer when they were little, right?
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