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I may be enjoying this so much since the Protomen are great fight music.

Man, I could do this thing all day. I just, I don't know, doesn't everybody have a nerdy bone that gets scratched whenever I have to vote whether Ash from Evil Dead could beat the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It has to be better than the iO9 travesty of a contest, which went south as soon as River Tam (ingenue ninja psychotic from Firefly) beat Buffy (of the eponymous Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I mean, that is just wrong, off the cuff remarks by Whedon aside, but she then went on to beat the Doctor from Doctor Who, & then Batman. Anyhow, I sure like being able to say Marty McFly will whip the crap out of the T-1000. Because he totally would. I did get myself backed into a corner on one; it was Buffy versus The Joker, & I figured-- well, it takes The Batman to nab The Joker, & well, Buffy is like...a wee Batman. She grows up to be a Batman. Anyhow, I set my jaw & voted for Mister J, but figured I'd keep clicking until I came across Buffy again, so I could even the votes, since hey, Buffy is my homegirl. & I did...& when she came up she was matched against Batman. Not fair!
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