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I don't have anything to say really about America's Next Top Model. It was on, nothing amazing happened except we were, on a commercial slash bathroom break, discussing what "TBL" stands for in The Beautiful Life: TBL, since "The Beautiful Life: The Beautiful Life" doesn't make sense. Mine was "Tycho Brahe Lives!" but Maggie's was better-- "Tyrannosaurus Breeding Lagoon." There was also an episode of How I Met Your Mother, freaking finally, which was as great as you could reasonably expect it to be. Jenny kept telling Barney & Robin to "shut up." Oh & there was too too many sweets, which is my fault. Jenny had gone to see Alan Cumming & was all ebuliant up until she crashed; picking food was tricky (prickly!) so I got a huge sandwich & a bunch of baked goods from Brooklyn Bread Company. There was a "lobster tail" which is like a sugary croissant filled with half whipped cream & whipped custard. There was a thing filled with chocolate mousse. & of course a chocolate cannoli. The shell was chocolate, or at least chocolate dipped; it was filled with regular cannoli stuff.

The other day I kept thinking about the little dam-control island in Kent; basically one of my favorite spots, along with the bog. Now destroyed; without me there to keep it anchored the Cuyohauga (once Phlegethon) swept it away. If you climbed down the hill next to the row of saloons, & crossed the railroad tracks, you could tip-toe across a beam of concrete, past the cranks that controlled the waterfall, & into a weird little niche. A two-tiered island, artificial, but with some pretty serious trees growing on it. To get to the second, lower half you had to slide along a ledge, & then lower yourself into it; it was bowl shaped & nice, except for the discared beer cans of previous, more asshole-like visitors. Gone now. I guess I have two other favorite places in Kent-- the NASA telescope & the secret botany greenhouse with all the carnivorous plants & the bird of paradise.
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