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"A Robot Exploding A Dinosaur With Dynamite" is a pretty good totem to have.

(A first glimpse of GardenGnostic?)

Last night was basically easy. I picked up some Rachel's on the way home: a burger burrito for me, which I'd been craving for a little while, & a salad for Jenny. Wait, the opposite of a salad. I mean, there was lettuce but it was in a huge space-colony dome of fried crisp. We ate it while finishing up the Emmy's...I would have liked to see some Battlestar Galactica wins, myself. Still, Michael Emerson deserves it for making Lost watchable. Well, him & Brian K. Vaugn. After that, I just wanted to turn on Act II loudly & dance around the apartment, but Jenny came in & kept sneaking the volume lower. I started a Gene Wolfe short story collection, but couldn't focus on that. Messed around online. Then finally to bed. That was about all I could handle. I'm hoping to propel myself to the gym tonight.

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