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I will awake with Hands of Steel.

First, go listen to "Light Up the Night" by the Protomen. After the inevitable delays of physical media, their cd finally arrived, so I've been listening to it at work. It is predictably amazing. The first album was a rock opera for Mega Man; earnest & grunge-y. Since Mega Man is really a very sparse platform (or was initially, at least...) there is plenty to build off of; lisence to create a great dystopian City, & robot heroes come to tear it down, or die trying. & dying. This new album, Act II: The Father of Death is the prequel to that saga, the story of Thomas Light & Albert Wiley, Tom & Albert, Doctor Light & Doctor Wiley. &...Sniper Joe, & Emily Stanton. Polish has been laid down, & it shows; the album slips along from wild west to dance off without stumbling. Choirs rise up, heroes fall. What else could you want from your grand sweeping epic? If you want another teaser, try a rough cut of "Breaking Out", or "Beards Going Nowhere", or to hear the first album (streaming) check out the old site.
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