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I meant to take a picture this morning, since I'd shaved & since I'd taken pictures all weekend, but I forgot to. I've never been much of a picture taker, despite being kind of vain. Anyhow, fatbutts took this picture of me on Memorial Day Weekend. Anyhow, it isn't like shaving is a big deal (though I only do it once a week) I just liked the continuity between scruffy & shaggy, then just scruffy, then suddenly groomed! I don't mind being scruffy, but cutting my hair reminds me how much more I like having clipped hair. Shorn locks. Militarism! I even updated my stupid Vampire Wars avatar to the bald guy, in honor of it. Now he looks like The Master. After my morning blitz, I settled back into a lazier day, but still kept fairly busy. I scrubbed the shower clean, which I joked meant that I took three showers (since I just stripped down to rinse it from inside) which I'd been speaking of the other day as to why I couldn't cut my hair that day. You know, cut hair, shower. So if I forget to cut my hair before I shower, or I go to the gym, or whatever, I can't cut it then, now can I?! I'm not explaining this well. Whatever, it wasn't very funny. I did also end up going to the gym, which was nice; working out, being a deadly antipaladin, all that. Oh, I think I want to retrain my DnD character to be a Fey-pact Warlock/Paladin. Why mess around? It is what I want to play, anyhow. The end of the night was sort of a drag; Jenny was at dinner with Kira, I finished my book, didn't feel like playing any video games, didn't want to watch the Emmy's since Jenny was recording them to watch later, so just sort of shuffled around, sad elf. I did sneak & watch Kristin Chenoweth win, which charmed me head to toe. So yeah, between Neil Patrick Harris & that, it was pretty fun. We watched about half of it before Jenny wanted to go to bed. I slept like crap.

Some fun facts about my life, randomly. The shower head we have was originally purchased by Jenny & Kira for the Windsor Terrace apartment, & Jenny got it in the roommate-divorce. That means it has been in three apartments over what, seven years? Which is a lot for a shower head, & makes me think about living in a place. We lived in the apartment upstairs from us for five years, I lived with Aaron for two, lived in Leebrick for four. Right? I'm just thinking about it. I wonder how that compares to historical home shifting. Crap, considering cultures are judged on patrilocal, matrilocal, I'm probably shiftless as hell. What was it kingtycoon said about me moving away? Not marrying my cousin? Funny to me at the time. Another fact: the coffee I drink at work is called "Dark Magic." We have those little "k-cups" that look like creamers? Yeah.
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