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Big Money...Big Prizes! (85)

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

In the Games again!
Come on, mockingjay, chin up!
Tick-tock, doncha know.

The sequel to Hunger Games, which has a lot more of the same, but with one fatal flaw: Katniss has gotten stupid. I mean, there are parts that I expect would be drawn out that aren't-- Haymitch might get called, but then Peeta could volunteer--- but over all I stopped seeing her blindness to social situations as a personal quirk & starting finding it...well, frustrating. Clearly they are digging out the tracker, clearly things are afoot-- don't be purposefully idiotic, Katniss! I was surprised that this book retraced its steps as much as it did: I expected this would be the revolution, but no such luck. Really this time the most endearing part of the story was the pre-game work, the reality television show aspect of it. The games themselves were a little confusing, crowded, but on the flip side, Collins doesn't give you hollow characters. You never know what is going on inside any of the other character's heads, for good or for ill. & oh, the imagery around President Snow at the beginning is really strong, very evocative. So yeah; weaker than the first one, but still a compelling read. I understand her infatuation with the Games; but also, I have a matching fondness for hypercompetent characters that didn't get itched in this one.
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