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Mangles manacles.

So far today I've managed to cut my hair, buy groceries, fix my side of the computer, help Jenny wash some windows, & make some salads. Not too shabby; really my only up-coming plans are to get my self to the gym. Which shouldn't be too hard! I meant to go yesterday, but I was swept up in the march of history. I don't know what I did all morning, but in the middle of the day Carla & Kenneth texted me to let me know they were at Bar Reis having a drink for Kenneth's birthday, so I picked myself up off the floor & popped over. We had a drink & then they came over to watch Tron. How does Tron hold up? Pretty well I'd say. The cuts from scene to scene are very sloppy, even one being captioned with "...meanwhile, in the real world..." but the effects & visual motif are so strong. I am interested in how special effects line up with the uncanny valley; I mean, Scott McCloud & Masahiro Mori are working on the same problem from different angles. Just a symptom of the "how come a guy in a funny rubber mask looks a million times better than this cgi dude?" from Star Wars. So, Tron's use of classic animation with CGI, funny suits with overlay, however it all goes down, being used to reflect a fundamentally alien environment-- well, it works. Working with the flaws is the trick; it seems unearthly but then, it is meant to be. Anyhow, after that I showed Carla & Kenneth some clips of Derren Brown, who I was recently reminded I like a lot thanks to Twitter's "trending topics," until Jenny came home. She came home, we played some Guitar Hero & then I finally convinced everyone to go out for Burgerfood. I was starving; no one else was hungry. We went to Flipster's & gorged ourself on burgers et al. The double burgers with the aioli mayo, that is the key. We tried the garlic pesto fries, which we'd been meaning to have: meh. The onion rings are key. Choice. Anyhow, we couples split for our respective homes, & then Jenny & I watched Glee, which is weird but has promise, & Community which is weird but Jenny things is hilarious. I mean, it is funny, but she loses her mind.
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