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Last night was the last session of fordmadoxfraud's Dungeon Mastering of the quintessential DnD 4e adventure, Keep on the Shadowfell! Which meant I stayed up longer than old man me has stayed up in a while. Did you know that after midnight the numbers go back to single digits? Alright, so I sometimes stay up late reading, but that hardly even counts. I do know that Ben Franklin sold his soul to buy bottled lightning, though. So it was the last big bash! Or I mean, of this adventure cycle. A lot of people played in it-- wolvus & kromelizard, toughlad & skycornerless, & of course elladorian & Erica too. In confidence I will tell you that number is a number too high for roleplaying! In my thinking, at least. I like to see all those people though, so I can't complain. I'd seen Emily that day for lunch already, actually! So, the crew of us descended into the depths of the keep, all prepared for murder! I was still my Tiefling Warlock, while the others reprised their roles, with James opting to play one of the new assassin class, which I can totally understand. It reminds me a lot of the Lasombra, thus of Antonio. Brief mention of how it works: first off, it is conceptually a conflation of the shadowdancer & the assassin of yore, with a little bit of soulblade; you are a dude who can turn into a shadow, or jump through them, & make a knife out of darkness. That is, conceptually, I think a nice piece of work given the high fantasy framework of fourth edition. That being said, you throw "shrouds" on guys, which basically work like an amped up sneak attack or curse; you can throw up to four (meaning you can track it on a d4) & each is a die of damage. A really evocative, elegant mechanic that recalls the awkward "study for 3 rounds) mechanics but executes it much better.

The keep was great, & David had all the sweet minis you could hope for. Seriously, he busted out a pair of Cultist of Orcuses, the Deathpriest of Orcus, Doresain the Ghoul King, a freaking Skeletal Courser, a ton of vampires, a shadow dragon, some dark was a mess in there. Plus some rivers of blood, all that jazz. David has a bunch of jaded folks in the party, but damn. James hams up the horror factor (his old character got partially digested by a gelatinous cube in the last adventure & went crazy 'cause of it) which I appreciate, but I try not to hog the table, since that is a bad tendency I can have, so I don't join in. Anyhow! We ate crackers & drank & were damn tired by the end. The shadow dragon that popped up I couldn't even believe was real; like, we killed all the bosses, what the hell is this thing? I was on the nod by then, too; not very helpful. Still, I totally scored that dude's magic wand!
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