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Top Model last night! I guess Tyra is trying very hard this season to coin some trademark terms? "Ty-over" & "Smize" for instance. Neither of which is...they are both pretty terrible. "Smile with your eyes" makes us think of you, Tyra; you don't need to rebrand! Unless she has a line of cosmetics for fourteen year olds; that might be the case. So, what did our mad genius Tyra produce? Well, her running around in a superhero costume; that was pretty amazing. The deadpan "Turkey pepperoni or real pork swine?" & totally, absolutely ignoring Lauren Conrad. Who? Right. Anyhow; Bloody-Eye was absent from the episode; Sundai is cute & I'm glad she didn't get bagged, & Cowgirl Lauren took the best photo of the episode-- no surprise, since she was comfortable around the horse. The jockey they took photos with looked like a tiny, evil Clive Owen. Oh, & the advice they gave Jennifer about her lazy eye was...not crap. That is what sells the show, & Tyra, for me. For all the seemingly made up stuff, for all it sounds false & hollow, they aren't talking nonsense, & Tyra will prove it. Sure, it sounds crazy when Tyra is like "smile with your eyes" or "don't hold you shoulders back, hold your shoulders back," but then she'll get up & show what she means & is a perceptible difference. Anyhow, anybody who goes home before Kara is getting cheated. After that Maggie, David & I played a bunch of Mario 3. I kind of freaked out about Tanooki Mario getting in the boot. GET IN THE BOOT!
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