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Futhark you!

Stuck at home waiting for the cable guy to come-- at least I found an unlocked "linksys" to use for the moment. It isn't my favorite; I'm going stir crazy over here. I want to slack off when I want to slack off, not be mandated to slack off by vague appointments. Noon till four, psh. Lets see; I predicted the fire at Second Helpings the other day, with Jenny. She summoned up the subject out of the blue, but I knew it was ill omen-ed. Anyhow, that whole scene exhausted Jenny & she went to bed at seven in the night-time. Well, afternoon, really. Yesterday held up a little better; we watched Ghost Town, which she had heard was good but is exactly the movie that it seems to be. Watch ghosts help him become a better person! Feh, being a person. Listen, I was all ready to get confessional earlier today, but the mood has passed. I didn't know I had access to the internet then!

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