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Lucky 13.

Let me just re-down Top Model last night. "I'm for Jesus!" Oh it is a shame that Amber had to leave, though I'm not really surprised; she didn't seem very stable, you know? Anyhow, anybody that crazy is good television, but she wasn't going to model, you know? Even the tv kind of modeling. & you know I'd never heard of Chanel Iman? She's pretty amazing though. What else did I learn? Well, everyone named Bianca is a whining complainer. Seriously, shut up. I knew they were going to final two her, but I also knew it was just a slap on the wrist. She sucks though. Make overs were boring; sure, Bianca complained, but mostly Tyra just dyed everyone's eyebrows blonde. As for the pictorial...all the girls kind of modeled? Like, they all did things. Okay shorties, show me what you've got. The theme was remaking pictures of them as babies? Which was an inspired idea. Alright, then, down to the contestants worth caring about:

Bloody Eyeball, Nicole. Okay, yes. Tyra & the other Bankable people are clearly trying to capture lightning in a bottle here, shooting for another Heather or Creepy-chan. At first I was skeptical, right up until she mentioned that she didn't have a back pack at school, but rather carried her stuff in a rusty wheelbarrow. WTF, & thank heavens she can model. So, we've got our requisite weirdo for us other weirdos to vote for.

Rae. Rae is this season's "I have a baby back at home," which oddly enough is usually wedded to the ability to take pretty amazing photos. She's pretty, she looks like the girl from That 70s Show, & she's blonde, but for all of that she seems reasonable & likable. I'm okay with being in her corner. Definitely the best picture of last night.

Lulu. Lulu is gay, which Miss Jay outright clapped for. She's solid, & adorable, & has that awkward, naive charisma that could go far. She's got her girlfriend's name tattooed on her chest, but giggled & said she could always have an ink artist turn it into "Brooklyn" instead. Lulu, you are alright with me.

Laura. The Cowpoke. She grew up poor, on a farm, grandma making her bras by hand. On top of that, when the Judges coaxed the details on castrating bulls out of her, she threw "boys don't cheat on me," as a cherry on top. She sure ain't pretty when she cries but she's got pretty good chops; I can see her sticking around. She's not that boring, in persona or look.

Sundai. I figured it out: she reminds me of Alex. Frankly, I miss her giant swarm of hair, but she's spunky, which counts for something. I don't know if she'll turn it around, but I am charmed by her.

Jennifer. Whatever, too hyper, but she asked the photographer if she could get in the sand & managed to take a the second-best photo of the shoot thus.

So, Top Model means we had kind of a TV Night at our new apartment. David & Maggie had seen it when they helped us move in, but Lilly was just scoping it out for the first time & said that we were "ballers." Well, alright. We had a little wine, & some lamb & gyro, & some birthday cake ice cream. Not too shabby an evening, & everyone was out at about ten thirty. I slept pretty well, which is a change from the last few nights.
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