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Things are slowly coming to a halt, or at least a plateau. Jenny has the day off today; maybe she'll hang up the pictures & stuff! If she doesn't, I can't fault her for it! When that is done, we need to store a few more things in various closets, get some blinds & drapes, but we're getting pretty darn "moved in" if you ask me. Monday Jenny pretty much finished up shelving her books, & so now we are left with a lot of "sundry" which...who can say where it will end up? I will say this: the apartment is big! It seems so empty after our last place, which wasn't cramped, but was a one bedroom. This place is so...lavish.

Moon's day I also kept myself busy watching the last episode of Pushing Daisies. Man, somehow that show was canceled? Despite being brilliant & a (ahem) "feast for the eyes." Seriously, I can't stop thinking about Ned's green necktie in that last episode. So somehow that show is over, kaput, no more. That was the last hurrah for the upstairs apartment; I watched it (alone! Jenny didn't feel like it!) on the air mattress while the TV was on the floor. In the middle of it I got a phone call from Aaron with some good news, & then finished it up, got Jenny, & carried everything downstairs. Well, everything except the internet, which was got last-last. Turned out not to matter; the cable & internet in the new apartment is still turned on from the last owners; so then Jenny & I watched Leverage, which has officially "grown on me."

Then I went out to Prospect Park to meet up with Lilly, James, & co. I'd been playing phone tag with Lilly for the past month, & hardcore for that weekend, so I knew it was fated to be. I walked to the park while Jenny took a nap, & met up with them. Played three rounds of Scattergories, & nabbed twenty points; which I guess is a two-thirds average? Drank a little wine, got clawed up by a little dog, & took myself home. Oh, I also managed to go to the gym for an hour. After a week of carrying stuff, it was nice. Like, moving books up & down stairs...what kind of exercise is that? Humping? Stevedoreism? Yeah, thanks muscles for making that task easy, but it wasn't the sort of strenuous behavior that makes me feel better; it just made me tired.

Today work has been a pain; there is a problem with my email & I have to haunt my desk in case tech support calls.

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