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So I'm sitting here on the couch in my half-finished apartment. Lets run down the important score: books. Jenny sold a lot of books. I pitched in some, but I'm not really able to let go of books. I'm trying to be better about what books I keep, though, but yeah; the books I want are books I want are books I want, knameen? Well, Jenny ceded the four bookshelves in the living room to me, & I just about fill them up; there are two shelves unfilled as of the moment, but I think I'm going to slip some of my notebooks into one of them, & there are the oversized books too-- including but not limited to my adored Taschen books, Harmonium Macrocosmica, Cabinet of Natural Curiosties, & The Complete Costume Histories (& Lost Girls, & Wayne Barlowe's Brushfire & on & one. Well so, books aside, what else is going on with the apartment? Jenny's drilling & screwing in various holsters for various pistols: make-up holders or hoodie hangers or whatever.

I'm very pleased with the place. My misgivings with the bathroom are turning out to be over-blown; I will miss the big tub & the power toilet, but the window being over the tub is nice, & the toilet flushes fine. Plus, the streetlight gives a sulphur orange glow when you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We've four windows that look onto the street, but so far I'm mostly only acquainted with the ones in the living room; the ones in the "study" are yet to be braved, since up until today it has been jam packed with books & shelves & things. Speaking of the "study" I am not happy with the provisional set-up of it; one of the bookshelves is positioned so that if the door is opened too far it bangs it, & as a side effect if the door is left open it hides the shelves. Lose/lose. That, & the floor by where the desk is slopes, meaning the (wheeled) chair is forever sliding. The bedroom is...empty. Our old bedroom was crowded & I think Jenny is over-compensating for that. Still, we've got space, so I certainly don't mind. Closets...Right now I feel like my closet is cramped; the two air conditioners being in it really fill it up, but that feeling will go away if they end up having to stay there. There are four closets, double the last place, so who can say how it will shake out.

Oh yes, two air conditioners. So! The "theft" was in fact the optimistic "best case" scenario. The signs saying we wanted it back worked; the people who took it are the people who lived across the hall from us upstairs. The people in this apartment threw out a lot of perfectly functional appliances when they moved out, including a brand new microwave, so they thought it was the continuance of that wasteful behavior. In fact, they even cleaned it up with bleach & everything, brand-new-like. So yeah, I totally don't think they took it. When I told the super, I think he thought I was going to be mad! Like, that I would want to start trouble, even though I got the a/c back. No! I just wanted to tell him since he'd been so mad! Anyhow, I joked around with the folks who took it, thanking them for cleaning it up for me.

Jenny & I have been only at each other's throats a little bit. Yesterday I slogged the books to Kit Marlowe & Co to sell them, & ate lunch there, & Jenny was pissed that I was slacking off. Which I only was a little, in my defense, & after trucking a hundred odd pounds of books a mile & up & down flights of stairs aplenty. Anyhow, she's been really stressed about stuff, but now that the apartment is pulling into shape, she's calmer. Today has been me running lots of small errands: buying nails, or draft strips, or plaster of paris (to fix the holes in the old apartment), or silver-ware holder, or whatever. That, & shelving books. Oh, & we watched the finale of Lost, which wasn't bad but wasn't amazing or anything. Oh, speaking of shelving, on Frig's day night Kira came over & helped set-up the bookshelves.

Yesterday we had a barbecue at Judy & Robert's (Kira's parent's). This was some hardcore yuppie cooking! Like, instead of burgers & hot dogs we cooked up lobsters & scallops, & instead of beer we had...rum & some kind of fruit puree with mint leaves in it. & Farrow salad & lentils & corn &...desert was...stone fruit galette with ginger & cinnamon ice cream. See I told you! It was me, Jenny & Robert & Judy, Kira & Nino, Jonathan & Erin, & Donna. Pretty nice time all around.

Um, I've been hurting myself like nobody's business. I cut my right middle finger like...literally twelve times, all at once. You know those sharp tines on the back of an air conditioner? Snick! Bled all over stuff, & was a baby about it. Then I stubbed my toe hard enough to break a nail & bleed everywhere. Angry, frustrated. I'm mostly over it though; things are still tender, but no point in freaking out about it.

Today I found a box that had been hidden for the past five years. Inside of it were many many different mass market editions of Tolkien books, a bunch of Bloom's County (?!), & a bunch of Shadowrun novels. I applauded myself for having the wherewithal to be like, "listen Mordicai, in a few years you will be astonished at either how sucky or how awesome these are. Put them away for now." & you know what, I'm glad I found you, Shadowrun novels! The rest went out on the street for other readers to find. I hear them outside the window: "why would someone throw these away, Tolkien rules!" Yes friend, he does, but I have plenty of other editions.

Oh, last night & I had a serious, for real, sobbing with relief & joy type dream. Like, embarrassingly breaking down. & the greatest thing about it was that it was a dream about the Last Homely House, Rivendell. Imladris. You know, maybe it should be House, because I'm pretty sure Elrond can handle any spooky hallways (then again, he did wear Vilya, the Blue elf-ring...). Then I had some other awesome dream, but I forget that one; the weird cathartic elf-dream wins.
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