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The move started days ago, as far as I'm concerned, & despite Jenny's worries, I knew we were ahead of the game. I also knew that people were probably a little distrustful of my "no, we don't even need to pack stuff in advance, it is just downstairs!" stance, but it was true. All of it true, spray painted graffiti over the words the Emperor carved in the tree a spear's-length deep before he toppled from his Throne. We'd moved the vast majority of the books down, & the shelves, & such "medium" jobs, so all that was left was the big stuff & the loose little stuff. Yesterday I left work a few minutes early & met spooky, hungry Tom in the lobby, & we set off for the Slope. When we got to my apartment building (the King is dead, long live the King) we saw the Right Honorable Ovieh outside of it, & when we went in to the building it was just a hairtrigger longer till Nick Courage showed (all proper respect! "Proper respect" is the phrase "props" is short for!)

The moving of the big stuff went down easy! I was only honestly worried about the couch, but it wasn't that big of a deal in the end; in fact, probably the biggest pain in the ass was the table, which Jenny had to disassemble. That was her job; she stayed upstairs dismantling things while we carried stuff down, then at some point switched & started putting it all back together. We'd stacked up all the stuff we'd moved down in the "study," filling it up, so there was plenty of room to build the skellington of the living room & bedroom. Eventually we were down to carrying shirts on hangers & miscellanea; Jenny didn't want to let anyone more the dishes or her stuff. We have till Monday to get stuff out, so that is fine. Just as that was winding to a close, Maggie & then David showed up, just in time to carry down the Venetian Blindsman's Bluff. You know, with eight windows, we're going to need more of those.

We broke out the booze & pizza, then; white pie & a regular pie, both with broccoli rabe, from Pizza Plus; a six-pack of Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout, of Smuttynose's Pumpkin Ale, & of Sam Adams' Black Cherry something or other. I like pumpkin beers. We sat around the freshly wrought wreckage of the new apartment, shooting the breeze. Jenny tried to throw away all of my suitcases, all the while hording about 50 tote bags. I am not exagerating. We found a bunch of toys (magical jumping beans, yo-yos, cap guns, patriot missiles) & played with those for a while, then everyone trundled out & went home. Which is when I discovered that our air conditioner was stolen! I'd brought it down, & it was leaking (normal condensation), so I set it outside the door, which is where it stayed...until I went out after dinner to bring it in & it was gone! I went up & down the block in case the thief had gotten tired arms & ditched it; no dice. I sat in the courtyard waiting to see if someone would put in a "new" a/c...nothing. Eventually I came in & Jenny made signs "Hi! We weren't throwing out that A/C, we were moving, so can you give us a call so we can have it back?" & maybe it was a mistake. No harm in that! I sort of doubt it. I want to think that if it was stolen, it was by someone who was leaving the building; but who can say. I've decided not to be too pissed about it; anger won't help retrieve it. On the plus side, it is the end of summer, & the unit was at least a few years old. I know, hardly a consolation, but hey, we won't have to store it! This morning I told the superintendent & he was pretty upset about it. I can see his point.

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