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So, it looks like (based on Dragon 379, a preview of Players Handbook 3, which will also feature the rules for psionics) that "Skill Powers" might be the start of widening the scope of the game; powers that are useful outside of combat. Of course, they are all Utility (at least in the preview), & many of them do have to do with combat, but we are starting to see the hack & slash facade crack. That has been my biggest complaint, & the problem most of the people I know have with the new edition: it is great fun if you want to rumble with a beholder, but outside of combat you can be the trickiest thief or the most powerful wizard, & it just doesn't matter. Come on, let me finesse the problem! Give me a bag of weird tricks! I've been saying that the solution is a Utility Powers book, along with a mechanism for trading in Daily or Encounter power slots for new Utility powers; I think these Skill Powers are a few steps down that path. Edit: & check out "Martial Practices" at the bottom of this article...non-magical rituals, basically. End of edit. Unrelatedly, if you recall I really liked Scott Westerfield's book Leviathan, with art by Keith Thompson. Well, there is a new trailer for the book, & it is pretty awesome, if only for the Darwinist/Clanker map of pre-war Europe.

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